Below is a quick checklist that will help you prepare your home for sale. Focus on the exterior of the house first because if that doesn’t attract buyers, they won’t even walk in the front door. Do the inexpensive fixes first. You can always negotiate with the buyer on the more expensive repairs at the time of sale. The three most important things to remember are, Clean, Clean, Clean!



  • Remove clutter from the front yard

  • Clear yard equipment from lawn

  • Mow and water lawn

  • Weed yard and garden

  • Prune trees & bushes so they don’t touch the house

  • Plant colorful flowers

  • Clean front entrance

  • Clean entryway

  • Repair or replace the front door

  • Fix broken windows, shutters, screens

  • Polish door handles, address numbers, fixtures

  • Replace worn or broken items

  • Replace burned out bulbs

  • Replace welcome mat

  • Wash all windows and floors

  • Clean Back Yard

  • Remove gardening equipment

  • Clean outdoor grill, barbeque and lawn furniture

  • Repair missing deck slats and screens

  • Store items that make the yard look cluttered

  • Make sure sprinklers and faucets are working

  • Clean and repair pumps and filters for swimming pool and hot tub spa

  • Clean ponds and fountains



  • Remove excess furniture

  • Remove excess collectibles, artwork and photographs

  • Clean out closets and cabinets

  • Clean out garage

  • Clear counter and tabletops

  • Clean appliances

  • Scrub bathrooms

  • Shampoo carpets

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners

  • Clean fireplace

  • Clean or replace drapes

  • Wash pets / clean litter box

  • Remove mildew

  • Add fresh scent: potpourri or a plug-in

  • Consider having your home staged



  • Make necessary repairs

  • Remove debris from roof and gutters

  • Caulk windows, tubs, showers, and sinks

  • Make sure toilets and faucets work properly

  • Touch up or repaint walls in a neutral color

  • Replace switches and outlets that don’t work

  • Replace burned out bulbs