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The term “curb appeal” is thrown around frequently in the housing market, but curb appeal really does matter. If a prospective buyer drives up to your home and they’re turned off by its first impression, they just may drive right off. This isn’t to say all buyers are turned off by weeds, brown grass, and chipped paint, however, you definitely reduce your potential pool of buyers when you don’t address the first impression factor. A little touch-up paint, fertilizer, and landscaping to include fresh flowers can go a long way. I always suggest that my sellers clean and brighten their front door and entry-way and clear away any cob-webs and creepy crawlies as well. I recommend they spend a few dollars and purchase a new welcome mat and maybe even buy a small planter to fill with colorful flowers.

Now that you have them inside your home, you’ll want to take the extra effort to make those minor repairs (and major ones too if you’re able). Tighten the lose cabinet pulls, WD-40 the door hinges, change burned out light bulbs, make sure the burners on the stove light, and fix that dripping faucet. Take a walk through your house with fresh eyes, as if you’re the discriminate buyer, demanding to get your money’s worth. Sloppy door handles and cabinet pulls create an immediate (sometimes sub-conscience) question…Just how well have these sellers maintained and cared for their home? So perhaps you’re not the mechanical type - In that case higher a handy-man; I promise you that the money will be well spent.

Does your house have a clean and pleasant smell? It’s scientifically proven that memory and our other senses are linked. You’ll want to consider this prior to having your agent host an Open House. Try not to make that favorite fish meal, or curry recipe the day before your open house. In fact, now that you know this, make an effort to clean with a citrus type scent and turn on that aromatherapy diffusor you have hidden in the drawer the morning of your open house.

For some, the next area to tackle may be the biggest challenge. Since you live in your home day after day, you may not even notice the clutter that has gathered in the corners and on the flat surfaces, countertops and tables. This one is important - remove the clutter, take down those personal photos, organize your closets and drawers, and move extraneous furniture out. This is one case in which less is definitely more. Overall, decorating should be neutral and minimal and flat surfaces should be cleared. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but honestly, it will be enormously helpful. Once you have that offer in hand and open escrow, you’ll be thankful you took the time on the front end to get lean and mean because you know what comes next…packing and moving!

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  • Beth Metzger

Summer fun can be found right here in the Beach Cities. You don't have to go far to break up the monotony this summer. From entertaining your young humans, to date night with your sweetheart, or a beautiful combination of both, you'll find it all here!

Do you enjoy music, movies, art, or people watching? Some of our events are a one-time experience, while others are on-going throughout the summer. While you may not prefer all of these options, I'm sure all will prefer some of these options! Let me know your favorites!


May 19: South Bay Beer & Wine Festival | 1pm – 5pm | Ernie Howlett Park | Rolling Hills Estates | Visit: South Bay Beer & Wine Festival

May 25-27: Fiesta Hermosa | 10am-6pm | Downtown Hermosa & Pier Avenue | Visit: Fiesta Hermosa

May 27: Memorial Day Ceremony | 1pm | Veterans Memorial | Redondo Beach Veterans Park

June 15: Nothing But Sand Beach Clean-Up with Heal the Bay | 10am-12noon | Redondo Beach Pier | Ruby Tower | To sign up, visit: Nothing But Sand Beach Clean-Up

June 29-30: Riviera Village Summer Festival | Saturday 10am-8pm & Sunday 10am-7pm | Redondo Beach Riviera Village | Visit: Riviera Village Summer Festival

July 4: Fireworks | 9pm | Redondo Beach Harbor Area


May 3-31: Free Movie on the Boardwalk | Every Friday in May | Redondo Beach Pier | Visit: Movie on the Boardwalk

June 7-August 30: Free Roadium Drive-In Movie | Every Friday June-August | Gates open at 6:30pm, show starts at 8:15pm | The Roadium in Torrance | Visit: Roadium Drive-in

June 30-September 1: Free Concerts in the Park | Every Sunday | 5pm-7pm | Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach | Visit: Concerts in the Park

July 4-August 5: Free Summer of Music | Every Thursday & Saturday | 6pm-9pm | Redondo Beach Pier | Visit: Summer of Music

I love every one of our Beach Cities. You can walk, run, roll, or bike almost anywhere you need to go. Living here provides an opportunity to enjoy the small town feel we all love with the big city just up the road. However, if you're heading to downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), don't forget to plan the drive-time! If you're considering a move to this area I can send you listings with auto-updates, as well as any additional neighborhood information; just let me know.

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Visible House Numbers Decrease Response Time

How easy is it to find your house after dark, let alone in the middle of the day, relying solely on your house numbers? If you or someone in your home is experiencing a medical emergency, or there's a fire, minutes matter and can mean the difference between life and death. Since my husband is a Fire Chief, this subject is near and dear to my heart. While firefighters may be equipped with tools to help them improve arrival time, such as GPS, house numbers are truly essential as a quick reference. It's really pretty simple: the smaller the numbers and harder they are to find, the longer it will take Fire Rescue emergency personnel to arrive at the scene. The Live Safe Foundation has offered the following tips on some of the basic requirements for house numbers:

  • Must be Arabic numerals. Fancy numbers or numbers that are spelled out may be aesthetically pleasing but are very difficult to read from the street.

  • Need to be a minimum of four inches high and in a contrasting color to their immediate background. Brass or bronze numbers are difficult to see.

  • Must be displayed on the front of the dwelling and visible from the street.

  • If the dwelling is located more than 45 feet from the front lot line, the numbers should be displayed on a gate post, fence, mailbox, or other appropriate place that will make it visible from all directions when approaching from the street.

  • Cannot be obstructed by shrubs, trees, decorations, etc.

Please take a moment to step back and look at your house numbers during daylight hours and again after dark to see if they follow the above guidelines. Can you see them clearly and are they well lit at night? Do the same for your family, friends, and neighbors. This small step will help emergency crews find you easier and faster when minutes matter.

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